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Do you own an investment property? Receive tax deductions on repairs to your property.

Short but sweet!

This such an interesting topic for all you savvy investors out there. Did you know that you claim pretty much all repairs that you are doing on your current investment property?

Well you can, and now this allows you to work on old buildings that you are trying to produce better finishes on the flooring and wall tiles in your bathroom. Maybe the furniture that needs repairs, instead of replacing. If you replace those items they CAN NOT be claim under the Australian Tax Office’s rules, as that is a capital gain not repairing what is previously there.

We love this idea that you can create value from what is already there. Hence, why we try to provide such repair kits as the Picobello Premium Repair Kits for wood surfaces, tile or stone and sanitary ceramics. Our business is tax deductible meaning, that you can use our product to increase visual appearance of your investment property, which in end sale will accumulate more profit and money for you.

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