Timber Surface Repair Kit

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Sharon Croxford

"I ordered the Tile Repair Kit as I have many chipped floor tiles. The kit arrived in record time. I have started my repairs and the results are truly fantastic, just as the videos show, fixing a chipped tile with this product is very successful. I highly recommend this product, it delivers a great result, at one point I went back to apply some clear lacquer and I honestly could not find the chip I had repaired earlier.

Everyone should purchase this kit to repair chipped tiles. WELL DONE ON A QUALITY PRODUCT PICOBELLO!"


Neil Laidler

"The Picobello Ceramic tile repair kit exceeded my expectations in simplicity of use and satisfaction with results. I have had 100% success with repairs to both plain White, and mottled Grey tiles in 4 rooms, now fully restored to original condition. Even my wife cannot find the repair sites!

I am absolutely satisfied with both the product and the service provided. Thank you, Greg."



"I came across the Picobello product whilst searching on YouTube. I had a number of chipped tiles and wanted to repair them prior to selling. After calling your company for advice I ordered, and the kit arrived within the week. The results were as advertised, the kit was extremely easy to use. I was surprised at how successful and professional the whole process was. Highly recommended! Robert from Wheelers Hill"



Daniel Kent

"The product worked excellently. The ability to mix colours to get the perfect match was a good idea. Customer service was excellent and felt very personalised when they called me back. I will definitely do business with these guys again

Mark & Roseanne Gaut

"I have used the Picobello tile repair kit in my Handyman business many times with varying success. Having said that, I don't believe there is any other tile repair product on the market that compares to it. Experience has shown me that it is sometimes better to repair a tile than to replace a complete tile because even if you can match the tile you can't always match the grout! My clients and I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you Picobello."


Frank Szlezak

"Hi all. I found Picobello on net looking for product which I used before lot more expensive. What a fantastic product is supply by Picobello. Now in my business I can fix tiles, joinery, sanitary and timber mainly floors. I do have to mention that service which you provide shipment within 3 days on my door and advise is impressive good. THANKS, PICOBELLO"


Picobello is the worlds most used and highest quality repair system that integrates the repair into you lifestyle. Picobello by Heinrich Konig is developed and manufactured in Germany and distributed by Picobello Australia in Sydney. The Picobello system offers inter-mixable colours providing a better repair than anyone else on the market.


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Tile Repair Kit



Timber Surface Repair Kit

Tile Repair Kit

The Picobello Tile Repair Kit fixs tiles damages in your home such as the kitchen and bathroom on your floors and wall tiles.

The process is simple and effective.

We use a ceramic wax that is designed to be heated up with the Hot Knife by choosing 2 to 3 individual colours and melting them together making a base colour. After leveling off the product sealing for protection is necessary to keep the damage free of dirt and grime.