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  • How do I find the right product for your damage?
    If you have deep scratches, chips or drill holes in your ceramic tiles then you will need the Premium repair kit for ceramics. This will allow you to repair floor and wall tiles in your kitchen and in your bathroom. Whether you have deep scratches, chips or dents on wood surfaces then you will need the Premium repair kit for wood surfaces. This will allow you to repair wood flooring, wood furniture including tables, coffee tables, wooden chairs, pool tables and legs. Also fixing skirting's in your homes and all laminate surfaces.
  • How do I use the Battey Melter Iron?
    Firstly, the Melter is battery operated and you must ensure to equip the Melter with 3 AA batteries. Once this is complete, release the lock mechanism and then you will be able to press the on button for the Melter to start heating up. Once you press the Melter button on, hold down for 45 – 1 minute for maximum heat to come into the heating blade at the end of the Melter. This will ensure ease of use when melting the waxes into your damage. For continual ease of use, repeat this process of holding down the button on for heat to always be ready for you. DO NOT SCRAP THE HEATING BLADE. This will damage the melt causing possible discolouration of your repair..
  • How do I achieve the right colour for my repair?
    The rule of thumb with repairing using Picobello products is to start by using the lightest colour in your damage. The best way to do this is to find the wax that represents the lighter colours and put them next to your surface to get a good look. For example, if the tiled flooring resembles a marble white with swirls of grey, then we would suggest using white as the base and continually add small touches of grey to achieve the right colour. A good tip is to get a piece of glass, wood or mix near the damage, so that you can see what the colour will look like when pre-mixing colours.
  • Is there a minimum order value?
    No, there is not. You can order one refill. We can still ship or post this to you as all products can be done.
  • How fast is delivery?
    All orders are shipped normally within 24 hours of order received from our Sydney warehouse. We use couriers for shipping so a street address faster that shipping to a PO Box, ensure someone is there to receive that package. Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth is normally 2 days. New Zealand normally 5 days.
  • Where do you deliver to?
    Any where within Australia and New Zealand.
  • How can I pay?
    There are 2 payment methods available: PayPal and Credit (Visa / Mastercard). Credit Card To pay with credit card is only possible by phone +61 2 9440 3357. PayPal Login into your PayPal redirected link and pay through there system. You will recieve and thankyou letter after payment has been accepted.
  • Can I repair holes in wood?
    You can easily repair holes - just like deep scratches: fill the damage with hard wax and seal it with the AQUA Brush Pen Clear Lacquer.
  • I am not sure if I have understood the usage instructions correctly....
    We have video with highly detailed steps in ensuring that you get the most of our products. All videos are on our YouTube Channel Picobello Australia.
  • How big must the damage or hole be to use this product?
    Generally the rule of thumb, is the deeper the hole the more filler can be applied for good adhesion to the surface. 3 millimeters is a good starting place, but drilling a slightly deeper hole will allow you to achieve the best solution for all damages.
  • Am I able to buy specific colours instead of the an entire kit you have on offer?
    Check our shop for the Addtional Fillers section to buy singular and multiple extra fillers for your repairs.
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