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5 ways to sell your home quicker in Summer

1. De-personalize

You've likely spent years personalizing your home to perfection. Now it's time to undo your hard work! Eliminate personal effects so that your home becomes a place where potential buyers are able to envision themselves living. In particular, replace photographs with more generic artwork.

SIMPLE is the key word here!

You want to try and bring your colour tone back to a normal neutral level, giving the buyers to imagine what they could do with your home.

2. Accessorize

Gently accessorize to make your property feel like a home. Use a soothing colour palette to allow one room to flow into the next, creating a cohesive feel. Adding fresh flowers injects colour and warmth to a room, while green plants can add a contemporary touch, creating a feature within a living space. High end magazines can be displayed on a coffee table for a homely effect.

3. Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are important and the use of luxury brands can really make a difference. While the brands themselves are unlikely to be noticed by the potential buyer, the overall impact will be to add a quality effect. Any garish colours or worn cushions should be replaced, creating a home that the prospective new

owners can feel a sense of pride in.

4. Light it up

Homes should have bright lighting to awaken the buyer's senses. Good lighting can make your home feel more spacious and enhance its features. It may be worth investing in some brighter light bulbs (but not so bright that rooms appear clinical!) for maximum impact.

If you want a bigger impact, then you can go bald and change your windows. Natural light is easily sometimes the best light to demonstrate the beauty of your home.

5. Flooring

If carpets look tired, tatty and threadbare, it's a good idea to replace them, if your budget permits. At the very least, professional carpet cleaning can make a huge difference when it comes to brightening up a room.

So when it comes to wood or tiled flooring, look at products that allow you to repair the finish of your floor. Replacing these floorings are expensive and a waste of time. There are products in the market tailored to fixing small chips, scratches and holes for your homes.

Depending whether you have high gloss or matt finished wood flooring, as you might need polishing needed to create a even finish across the whole area.

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