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Kids Cause Damages Everywhere In Our Homes (learn how to fix all of them yourselves)

Children can be the problem between you and your home. We have emails being sent in asking how to repair chips and cracks on tiles, and deep scratches and dents in wood flooring from their children. This has come to an end with the DIY Picobello Premium Repair Kits. Now you can save money by doing it yourself by repairing all the damages your children have caused in your home.

Wood Flooring and Furniture:

Maybe you need to fix those dents and scratches on wood flooring or furniture. Use the Wood Repair Kit by melting the colour of wax that matches you flooring into the damage to hide all scratches. Sometimes you have tables and chair being dragged across the floor without the proper care needed. Suddenly you damage your flooring with dents on you beautiful natural wood or artificial flooring. The only thing you need hear is clear wax. Once applied over the dent, it will reflect the natural woods complexion through to hide the damage completely.

Wood surface repair kit click this link below:

Tiles Flooring:

We see this as the most common problem in Australia, damaged tiles. Plenty of children dropping glasses, plates and heavy objects directly onto flooring, which chips and cracks tiles. All you need is the DIY tile repair kit which provides you to mix any colour and match your tile with ease.

Tile repair kit click the link below:

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