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Should you renovate or repair your home before sale?

Here’s our little guide with a few recommendations from our expert technicians in Germany. These guides will allow you to make a better decision in what are the best solutions for your problem. Whether it is possible for example, completely replace a flooring or to repair it. These situations are vital for you to get correct because it will decide the opinions of who is buying your home.

Renovation VS. Repair

So, if you are wanting to sell, you would probably be thinking renovations are very expensive generally to repair, but you must understand the situation of what needs fixing. We have had conversations with tradesman about what they would do when facing the outcome of repairing and renovating. They have said, that if the time of the job is to long for home much money it will cost to renovate, then it might not be worth it. In repairing these damages could be more efficient, s

ave money and time.

The key idea to grasp is whether you can repair the damage in a short amount of time, generally a day or less and save money.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are largely the most expensive renovations of all, due to the fact they’re large areas and the materials used too. Kitchen will have a benchtop and or tile selection using large majority of materials per section. For example, a benchtop made from stone that has one chip on the edge woul

d be more commonly repaired. Companies like Konig Australia have contracts that they trust who can provide these speciality services. These contractors do whatever home owner wanting to sell should do, and that is to analyse the situation. They will decide whether this chip on a stone benchtop is repairable or needs a new one. Repair could be up to $500 or would you prefer to get a new one for upwards of $5000 and more.

Sometimes the spending that $5000 is better than repairing as it could be what you were looking for. But price per value in what $500 could achieve in repairs is much better.


Furniture is the second topic of discussion since it can certainly be very pricey to replace. Good examples are couches as they have wooden legs, which become scratched by dogs and people easily. These kinds of damages are not smart to replace, especially when it’s a large or many couches to replace. When it comes to chairs that are old and damages it is worthwhile to look at replacing them with a modern set of chairs, which would create much

more value for when selling your home.

In conclusion,

There are many ways in repairing any damages in your home, but also there are many ways to renovate to put more money onto your property value when buyers are viewing your home. Analyse the situation and assess what is the most cost effective and would take the least amount of time. We would say look at Konig Australia’s website as they have some of the leading repair specialist throughout Australia, or whether you are looking to do some of your own jobs it would be more effective looking at our range of Picobello products.

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