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The two most common tile damage solutions

When a heavy object drops onto your tiles it will cause one of the two problems.


Firstly, the most common problem is the basic chip on a tile. This is not the worst situation because you can repair all chips with the Ceramic Wax resulting in a good finish. For the best finish, we recommend to drill out a little deeper (3 mm deep) for more wax to go inside the damage for the best adhesion.


Secondly, tiles are hard, meaning sometimes they will not break fully but crack with a chip in the middle. When this kind of damage occurs, the best process to fix this is to drill out the crack for more material to adhere into the repair. The less material is able to stay inside the crack, the less amount of time it will last. So instead we use a Dremel with a diamond bit head to take off the excess tile from the middle of the hole to the edge of the crack.

These to problems are the two most common we receive from our customers. If you need any advice about repairing you tiles just call us at +61 9440 3357 or email us a photo with a question at

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