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Clear Light Cure Acrylic® Surface Repair Kit

Clear Light Cure Acrylic® Surface Repair Kit


Light Cure Acrylic ™ Clear Surface Repair Kit is a light cure acrylic that cures clear in minutes. (3-10 minutes depending on size of defect) An effective repair material for nicks, gouges, chips, scratches in granite, marble, porcelain, corian, travertine and other natural stone and acrylic surfaces.

HIMG Stone Benchtop Repair Kits is the most effective way to fixing chips and nicks to be invisible.



Transparent is perfect for bringing the colour of the stone under neath to the surfaces. Filling with transparent allows for a flat bench with the natural colour shinning through. Whether you have a stone benchtop that has different coloured veins running through it. Just mix in a small amount of any HIMG Stone Repair products to achieve the perfect colour match.



When it come to the Picobello range, all kits come with the essential tools for producing professional style repairs in your home. Such tools as the Special Sandpaper (does not scratch surfaces) and the Blue Light (for curing) are used commercially by professional repair specialist. Bringing high quality tools to into the DIY setting has proven to help all customers and their repairs.



Protecting the repair is key element to last long. The curing system is SCA™ non-toxic and safe for food prep areas.



Every Kit comes with a step by step instruction manual providing the best way to conduct a repair to achieve the highest quality finish.

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