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Picobello Premium Ceramic Tile Repair Kit

Picobello Premium Ceramic Tile Repair Kit


Ceramic Tile Repair Kit: Premium Mixed Colour Set


To repair damage to ceramics, stone and tiles

    The Picobello Repair Kit contains everything necessary to easily repair chipped tiles, and surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo and cast stone.

    Scratches, holes and gouges will disappear within minutes. Achieve a perfect colour match every time with the simple colour blending system.

    Kit contains 11 assorted colours for blending to match your finish, clear sealing pen, battery operated melting tool, leveling tool, and a sanding/polishing pad to adjust the shine of your repair to match your finish.


    Bringing multiple Colours to any repair gives the user confidence through intermixing multiple colours. Whether you have a cream tile that is slightly grey shades. Just mix in a small amount of grey to achieve the perfect colour match.



    When it come to the Picobello range, all kits come with the essential tools for producing professional style repairs in your home. Such tools as the Applicator (for leveling) and the Ceramic Wax (for filling) are used commercially by professional repair specialist. Bringing high quality tools to into the DIY setting has proven to help all customers and their repairs.



    Protecting the repair is key element to last long. The kits come with sealant pens that use lacquer to protect from oils, dirt and dust cause from daily activities.



    Every Kit comes with a step by step instruction manual providing the best way to conduct a repair to achieve the highest quality finish.

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